You Nasty Boy! You Nasty!

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You Are So Inconsiderate!

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A student that lives in SPC dormitories shares a story that displays a great deal of conflict with consideration. Twenty-one year old Greg White was in his room on a Sunday evening when his roommate had just come from the bathroom. Greg did not hear the toilet flush nor did he hear water running from the sink. Greg didn’t make a very big deal about it, in fact he immediately blow it off. Ten mintues later Gregs roommate asked him if he could make a sandwich using Gregs cold cuts. Greg being as considerate as he could possibly be said “yes”. Gregs roommate made the snadwich and thanked him afterward.  The next day Greg had come in from his ten o’ clock class hungry and reaady for a sandwich. Greg open up the package of ham and saw a brown streak of a slice of the ham, Greg thought nothing of it because the ham was hiney ham. After Greg had made his sandwich his roommate had come into the room, went into te bathroom and he again he didnt hear the toilet flush or the water running from the sink. Greg out of curiousty asked his roommate if he had washed his hands. His roommate laughed and said “I always forget, thanks”…..OMG!!!